Lemon is one of the most delicious and most used seasonings in the kitchen, you can even turn it into active components at home. One of the important features of lemon is that it is a great tool for cleaning your home’s interior.

– Refreshes the air inside the microwave.

To keep the microwave space clean, make a cup of water and put a slice of lemon into it. Turn on the microwave to evaporate the glass. Then turn it off and wait 15 minutes and then open the door of the microwave. Now you can easily clean the fat and the pieces of food from the inside of the microwave.

– Make the unpleasant odor of the trash can disappear

Put a few pieces of lemon peel in the trash can. Pour some cold water on it wait for 15 minutes. Now you have a clean, odorless bucket.

-Removes spots on the cutting board.

Cut the piece of lemon. scrub the cut portion onto the board to remove the stains and smell of food. If you want it to be more effective, sprinkle some salt or baking soda on the board before using the lemon. If the stain resists, allow it to remain on the board overnight and rinse the following morning.

– Make the shower and water taps shine

Very often, you will find stains on the surface of the shower and water taps in your bathroom and kitchen. These stains are soluble in water because of the minerals.

A useful and easy way to clean it, is by applying a lime piece on the taps to remove any water spray stains.  Simply apply lime on all surfaces and wash them well.

– Refreshes the air at home

Put some water in a small pot and add slices of lemon into it. Place the pot on a stove to make the water boil. The air at home will become moist with the good smell of lemon! You can also use other natural ingredients for different smells.